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Our Agency is committed to protecting
First Responders from the Financial Devastation of
*  Cancer
*  Heart Attack/Stroke
*  Accidents
*  Serious Illness!
Endorsed by IAFF Local - 43 & IAFF Local - 1660
How do these plans help my family?
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All Plans Provide
* Money paid directly to you!
*In addition to any other coverages in place!
*Multiple levels of coverage to fit any budget!
*Premiums that do not go up with age or claim!
*Guaranteed Renewable for Life - only you can cancel
And Of Course
The Family Heritage
"Return of Premium"
benefit on all policies!  
Our program makes sense even if you never file a claim!
See Agent for Details!
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Your job is to protect our communities!
Our job is to protect YOU!
for put their lives at risk everyday to protect our community!
Thank you to all the family members who love and support these men and women and sacrifice precious time with our 1st responders.  

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Cancer Statistics

*   Firefighters have a 68% chance of getting some form of cancer.

* 42% of patients to exhaust life savings within 2 years.

* Cancer creates huge amounts of debt.

* the average patient sees a loss of nearly $92,000

* Financial distress can cause patients to skip or stop treatment.

* Cancer effects not only the patient but the whole family. It is often the family that is left with paying the bills while the family income usually goes down.

 Cardiac risks to Firefighters

* Cardiac-related events accounted for 44 percent of the on-duty fatalities        over the past 10 years.

* C.V. Strain

* Stress

* Exposure to CO, Tars and other industrial fumes, with Acute and Chronic     (cumulative) effects.

* Body Temperature increases and dehydration 

Presumptive Cancer Law Limitations

Many states have presumptive laws for fire fighters and other first responders.  Although these are good steps to be taken for the security of those who protect us, there are several limitations to be aware of.  Each state is different and may or may not have these laws. Be sure to be aware of your state's laws and how they may effect you.   The following is a general overview of some of the limitations that are common. 


* Only covers a limited number of cancer types.  (usually 8 to 12 types)

* Most often only covers those who have been full time for at least 5            years .  Volunteers and new firefighters are  generally not covered. 

*Upon retirement, coverage will not be available after usually 7 years.

*Prostate Cancer, generally 1 of the covered type is removed from                coverage at the age of 55.

*Claims are denied at a very high rate and often never settled. 

The above information is "opinion" not intended as 100% fact! Please do your own research on the law in your state and the details therein.

Reviewed and Endorsed by  IAFF Local 43 Portland Firefighter Association.
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Additional information:
Please do all you can to protect yourself in the first place!  If you need us, we are there! 
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