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We are proud to provide "Peace of Mind" to our clients when

they need it most.   Take a few moments to see what

our clients are saying about their experiences.


When I enrolled in the Family Heritage Life Cancer Plan 20 years ago I hoped I would never have to use it. Unfortunately, I had been diagnosed with Cancer. I am very thankful for the courteous and quick response to my claim with payment to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses. It has given me financial relief and some peace of mind during this difficult time in my life.

Rebecca G., Customer

I want to say that I was thankful that we had a Family Heritage Life Accident Policy when we received $2100. This was paid prompt. We will keep this policy. Thank you for being there when we needed this coverage.

Leotha D., Customer

We were surprised and somewhat shocked when our representative came to our door and handed us our Return of Premium Check for the amount of premiums we have paid in over the years. It really did happen!

Terry  J.,  Customer

Don't Wait to get you and your family covered!

I spoke with Mark last year in February about the different insurances he offers. I opted to wait and consider how the cost would fit in my budget. In October 2018 I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.   I signed up for the cancer policy as soon as I was referred for a biopsy. But I should have gotten the insurance sooner. If I had signed up about 2 weeks earlier, I'd now be covered.


I never expected to have to be dealing with cancer. There was no history cancer in my family. The cost of premiums would have been much easier on my budget, than the cost I'm incurring with treatments. I should not have waited. I encourage others to not make the same mistake I did. Because you never know. It could happen to you. 

Shauri L., Customer

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