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Oregon Policy  Brochures

Download a brochure to get more detail on policy benefits!

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Important Information during this current COVID-19 pandemic.

Below is an outline of coverage for our Intensive Care

Plan.  Many people today are faced with the real possibility of ending up in an Intensive Care Unit.   To be sure that we help as many people as we can to protect themselves financially here is an example for a plan for our customers.  


Call me today to learn how to protect you and your family!  

Example:   Individual and Family Option.  Adult Age 44

Elite 8                Individual       $51.20            Family     $83.20

Pref 4                 Individual       $25.60            Family     $41.60

Standard 2        Individual       $12.80            Family     $20.80

Base 1                Individual       $6.40              Family     $10.40


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